About Us

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Wheelchair Taxi has been operating a disabled taxi service in Melbourne for many years. We have an extensive network of vehicles, and all of these can transport our wheelchair-reliant customers across Melbourne. Being the best wheelchair-accessible taxi operating in Melbourne has meant that we understand the unique requirements of people using our services. Many hotels and restaurants know us as the wheelchair taxi number to call when they need to use our services.

When we started operating as a wheelchair taxi in Melbourne, we only had one vehicle. But since those early times, we have built a fleet of vehicles, and now we operate our disabled taxi service across Melbourne. So, if you need to go from anywhere in Melbourne to any other location, you can rely on our services to be patient and understanding. Our vehicles are fitted out with the latest safety systems to make sure your ride is safe and comfortable.

Although all taxis services in Melbourne must cater to wheelchair riders, often they are not providing a dedicated service. You may find that the drivers are not as experienced in handling the needs of their passengers. At Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne, all team members are experienced in providing appropriate services for our passengers. We are well known to most hotels and work with them to assist in boarding our riders if it is required.

In the future, we are planning on adding more vehicles to our fleet to become the largest wheelchair taxi provider in Melbourne. All our equipment is regularly updated, and we are keeping tabs on recent developments in disabled rider safety. If you need any assistance in finding a wheelchair accessible taxi near me, you can call for a wheelchair taxi service in Melbourne on 0468 457 024 for an obligation free discussion.